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Target 1

My current target is sub-200 in the country (NZ), I'm currently 205. Couple of more wins and I'm there. Just have to wait for the hand to recover, 3 stitches in a hand wound. 22 July 2011

Target 2

Current target is to play for Glenfield Rovers over-35's 1st team. Will have to stop getting injured, but thats the goal. 1 July 2011

Target 3

Get back to the UK and see the family. Its been 3 years and miss you all very much.1 July 2011

My Mission

Get tennis players on the tennis court, get people enjoying tennis, and we'll start from there.

June 25 2011

Glen Eden 1 - 2 Glenfield Sneaky Butchers

Scored goal for Glenfield Sneaky Butchers, intercepted goalie throw-out, wrongfooted the goalie with right footed shot..


April 20 2011

Won 2011 Mens Singles

David North bt Arash Hafezi 6-2 7-5 at the Campbell Park Club Champs SIngles Final. Also beat Thomas Robredo in the same tournament


Feb 4 2011

Chelsea Cup

Player first match in Aucklands, North Shore, premier competition. Lost 4-6 6-4 6-3 to Bryce Hayr.